Sunday, September 19, 2010

french toast

French toast in the morning....isn't it a nice way to start your day with a serving of french toast?  Memories of warm maple syrup on hot french toast with a side of meat sprinkled with powdered sugar.  It brings back memories of my childhood as I sat at the kitchen table anxiously awaiting for my mother to finish cooking this delicious meal just for me and just how I liked it.  The smell of warm butter and maple syrup fills the air and my stomach is growling.  Very odd how mother's know exactly how to make your french toast and its always right and good no matter what had happened to it whether it stayed on the griddle too long or not long enough.  It was always the best french toast that you ever had.  Just the thought of french toast reminds me of kind days of early childhood when everything was good in the world or maybe the fact that mother's made it feel that way.  The innocent times were the best times I believe, no worries and no cares except when can I have more syrup on my toast.  It seems that no matter how I make my own now it doesn't compare to "mother's french toast".   How wonderful that one breakfast item can bring back memories so dear.